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My name is Stephen Woolley and I have been making high quality fishing rods for over 30 years. My first experience of rodmaking came about as a result of the old Ashbourne firm of Fosters where I was offered a job as a Saturday boy in the early 1970's.
As soon as I begun working at Fosters undertaking small tasks I knew that I wanted to train as a rodmaker, so upon my completion of school I managed to get a job with the firm in the famous workshop as an apprentice rodmaker and repairer.
I then worked full time for Fosters for nine years fulfilling my dream of building  some of the highest quality fishing rods that a person could choose to buy. 

My time at Fosters came to a close in 1984, I then decided to set up a part time fishing tackle shop building rods on request. In 1989 I decided to go full time and have been building rods ever since, I love to build and especially restore all and any split cane rods and I will also build carbon fibre rods upon request!
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